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Aunque no nos creais, en METALHEART procuramos sacar tiempo para escuchar los cientos de demos, EP, y Lp's s que nos enviais a diario a nuestro facebook y correo electronico...


Pues bien, incumpliendo una de nuestras normas autoimpuestas (Solo bandas emergentes españolas) queremos hacer mención especial de una demo de ha llegado a nuestras manos, "Pay for Pain" la demo de los rusos Slice of sorrow, una joven e interesante banda de black/death metal atmosferico.

pay for pain demo



Recuerdan a unos primerizos “Amorphis” mezclados con “Paradise Lost” y “Dimmu borgir”.

De momento solo hemos podido disfrutar de 3 canciones, y nos han gustado mucho... pero en 2016 iniciaron la grabación de lo que sera su LP de debut, con lo que esperamos pronto disfrutar de todo su potencial. La cosa promete...


Al final del articulo podeis encontrar el enlace a su web con la demo disponible para escucha..


Slce of Sorrow

Although we do not believe, in METALHEART we try to take time to listen to the hundreds of demos, EP, and Lp's that you send us daily to our facebook and email ...


Well, breaking one of our self-imposed rules (Only spanish beginner bands) we want to make special mention of a demo of has come our hands, "Pay for Pain" demo of the Russian "Slice of sorrow", a young and interesting band of atmospheric black / death metal.



pay for pain demo


They remember a few first time "Amorphis" mixed with "Paradise Lost" and "Dimmu borgir".

At the moment we have only been able to enjoy 3 songs, and we liked them a lot ... but in 2016 they started recording what will be their debut LP, which we hope will soon enjoy their full potential. The thing promises ... 


At the end of the article you can find the link to your web with the demo available for listening ...

Slce of Sorrow

Slice of Sorrow - Brutal (Demo 2015) - Atmospheric Melodic Dea...

Slice of Sorrow - Brutal (Demo 2015) - Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal The song Brutal is taken from Demo "Pay for Pain" of atmospheric melodic death metal band called Slice of Sorrow. SLICE OF SORROW is melodic death metal band from Russia. SOS was founded as a side project of Roman Nemtsev (guitars, vocals) one of the members of metal band INSTORM. All started when Roman began to write material which doesn't match with style of his and Marina Nemtseva band. The material was too dark and heavy, lyrics were a little bit different too. There was no desire to add this particular wave to INSTORM. When list of the songs became big enough Roman Nemtsev decided to create a side project because he thinks, if song has been written it must be heard. The next step was a name. SLICE OF SORROW was selected from many other versions because it's title with attitude of the songs. In spring 2015 a demo has been recorded. It's called Pay for Pain and contains 3 songs: Brutal, Altar of Pleasure and Slowly. Pay for Pain (Demo 2015) Track list: 01 - Brutal 02 - Altar of Pleasure 03 - Slowly All music and lyrics: Roman Nemtsev Visit the official website - http://sliceofsorrow.com/

Publicado por Slice of Sorrow en Martes, 5 de enero de 2016
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